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Are you a UK wellness or beauty brand seeking to scale up your sales? You might want to consider the Chinese e-commerce ecosystem.

In 2021, 40% of global e-commerce spending came from China, and analysts forecast that by 2025 83% of Chinese population will be actively shopping online.

Join this online workshop to discover the opportunities present in China’s health & beauty market and get practical advice on how to reach Chinese consumers on these fast moving digital landscapes.

On the Agenda:

° Introducing The Food Supplements & Cosmetics Markets in China

° Marketing Localizing of Wellness and Beauty Brands in China / Case Study

° China’s Health & Beauty E-commerce Market

° Financial Solutions for Profit Repatriation & Cross-Border Transactions

°  Selling Your Products in China in Practice

°  Q&A



UK 10-11 AM | CN 5-6 PM


PTL Group provides multi-disciplinary management and operational support for international companies throughout their market entry and growth stages in China. Since 2000, the company has served over 300 market-entry projects in China.

Emerging Communications is a leading Chinese marketing consultancy & full services agency for retail, B2B, education & inbound brands.

WorldFirst is an international payments platform that lets businesses move money around the world securely, fuss-free and at speed. It helps companies maximise global market opportunities through local currency accounts that eliminate the need for local banking relationships.